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FHTC is proud to present the Sandcastle Out of Water Art Door Art Exhibit . The art exhibit will be held for May 28th through September 30, 2022. We have 48 Sandcastles on display in our downtown business area on High St. between 2nd and Fourth Street and Third Street between High and Eagle Street. There are 4 large Sandcastles at the entrance to town and at High and Second Street. We hope enjoy the exhibit.

The following is information about each sandcastle and information about the artist. Use the QR Code on the placard and it will direct you to the link on the Fairport Harbor Tourism Council website. Each sandcastle has a number that will allow you to access that artist’s information.


#1 Name of the Artwork: Faith’s Beach

Artist: Carla Riboczi

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint, beach sand, driftwood and stones

Artist’s Bio: Recently retired local crafter with extra time on my hands Attempting an acrylic paint project.

#2 Name of the Artwork: Floral Escape

Artist’s Name: Savi Michelle Saviano

Medium Used: Woodburning and artificial flowers

Sponsor: The Roost

Artist’s Bio: Savi is from Ohio. She found a passion for art at a very young age.

She has spent years perfecting her calligraphy and cultivating her Creativity. She now does Chalkboard art, murals, and more! Her Creative limit passes the sky. In the time she is not worki she is an

amazing nanny, works at Options Naturopathic clinic and enjoys studying the Bible.

# 3. Name of Artwork: Beach House

Name of Artist: Cherie Eddy

Medium Used: Paint, Sand, Chalk & Accents

Artist’s Bio: Lifetime Laker Erie resident who loves spending summer days on the water and at the beach.

#4. Name of Artwork: Love is Love

Name of Artist: Mikayla Habina

Medium Used: Paint

Sponsor: LGBTQ & Allies Lake County

Artist’s Bio: Mikayla is 22 years old. She holds a bachelors of Fine arts From Lake Erie College. She lives in Perry, Ohio. She plans to continue her education with a master’s of fine arts in London,


#5. Name of the Artwork: Life Cycle of Plastics

Name of Artist: Lake County Stormwater Management Department

Medium Used: Plastics, epoxy, acrylic, paint

Sponsor: Lake County Stormwater Management Department

Artist’s Bio: Nothing ruins a beautiful day at the beach like trash and litter in the sand. Much of the litter found in the lake and on the beach may have washed there with stormwater, since stormwater is not treated at the wastewater treatment plant. Anything that enters the storm drain or roadside ditch ill wash directly to rivers and Lake Erie. We all need to do our part to keep plastics out of Lake Erie and keep stormwater clean. Please remember to recycle wastes when you can and put your trash where it belongs.

#6. Name of Artwork: Beach Days

Name of Artist: Denise Glatzhofer

Medium Used:

Artist’s Bio: NA

#7. Name of Artwork: Day & Night

Name of Artist: Stefania Francischiello

Medium Used: Digital Photography

Artist’s Bio: NA

#8. Name of Artwork: There’s Gnome Place Like Fairport Harbor

Name of Artist: Misty Ray Earle

Medium Used: Paint, Permanent Marker, Glitter

Artist’s Bio: Misty has been a Fairport Harbor resident since 2010. She loves spending time with her children, creating artwork, listening to 60’s And 70’s music, nature and cats.

#9. Name of Artwork: Castle Krakauskas

Artist’s Name: Amber Krakauskas

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Old Familiar Ways

Artist’s Bio: Amber is a cake decorator but loves art! This is her 4th art Submission for FHTC!

#10. Name of Artwork: Material Girl

Artist’s Name: Sofia Cicconetti

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint and Glitter

Sponsor: Crystal Cicconetti

Artist’s Bio: Sofia is a Harding student! She is involved in a number of sports and activities at Harding! She loves animals, being active and helping others.

#11. Name of Artwork: Sail Away to Your Dreams

Artist’s Name: Kristen Lausin- Karisma Craft Shop

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint and Epoxy Resin

Sponsor: Karisma Craft Shop

Artist’s Bio: I started painting in 2019 taking classes at Grass Root Designs. Then I started my resin business in 2020. I love making items 3-D. I make resin jewelry, Dominoes, Checkers, Trinket dishes, Night lights, Keychains, Vases, Straw Toppers, and more… I am always creating.

#12. Name of Artwork: B & B Books and Beaches

Artist’s Name: Gail Keesecker

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Fairport Harbor Public Library

Artist’s Bio: Gail is a retired teacher. A busy wife and mother, she just Recently started painting in her retirement. She takes watercolor painting classes at Fairport Harbor Senior Center. This is her first public showing.

# 13. Name of Artwork: NOR’EASTER

Artist’s Name: William Perry Reimagined by Karen a. Carmen

Medium Used: Oil Painting Transfer

Sponsor: Gregory Wl Perry – Redesign

Artist’s Bio: Born in Finland in 1882, William Perry settled in Fairport Harbor and was well known for his maritime oil paintings– many of which are in the Fairport Harbor Historical Lighthouse Museum. Karen Carmen of Gates Mills trans- Ferred the image to the Sandcastle and created the Finnish Flag.

# 14. Name of Artwork: Alfred in the Harbor

Artist’s Name: William Perry Reimagined by Karen A. Carmen

Medium Used: Oil Painting Transfer

Sponsor: Gregory W. Perry- Redesign

Artist’s Bio: Born in Finland in 1882, William Perry settled in Fairport Harbor and was a well-known for his maritime oil Paintings– of which are in the Fairport Harbor Historical Lighthouse Museum. Karn Carmen of Gates Mills transferred The image to the Sandcastle and created the Finnish Flag/

#15. Name of Artwork: ‘WAYPOINTE”

Artist’s Name: Donna Weyner

Medium Used: Outdoor Acrylics

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: NA

# 16. Name of Artwork; The Legend of Neisha & Dia

Artist’s Name: Lea Ann Catlett & Laura Kazsmer

Medium Used: Multimedia- Glass, Paper, Caraboard, paint and more

Sponsor: Dreamcatcher Studio

Artist’s Bio: Lauren and Lea Ann are sisters who grew up in Fairport. Together they create art and jewelry, stained glass, vinyl, paper craft and much more.

#17. Name of Artwork: Gnomes on the Water

Artist’s Name: Vicki Pavicic

Medium Used: Acrylics

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Retired and enjoy beach life at Fairport Harbor with my husband Damir and dog Max. I currently provide art classes for special needs individuals.

# 18: Name of Artwork: Princess Ivy’s Castle

Artist’s Name: Taylor Longstaff

Medium Used: Acrylic paint

Sponsor: Junie Balloonie

Artist’s Bio: Taylor is a 2022 graduate of Riverside High School. She will be going to Ohio University to study animation.

#19. Name of Artwork: Beach Life

Artist’s Name: Julie Drennen

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Flowers by Julie

Artist’s Bio: Owner of Flowers by Julie, mother and wife. I love by Village and the people.

#20. Name of Artwork: A Bit of Medieval Germany

Artist’s Name: The Green Shepherdess Team

Medium Used: Paint , metal, silk flowers


Artist’s Bio: In the spirit of St, Hildegard of Bigen, this piece was Created by the team at the Green Shepherdess.

#21. Name of Artwork: Toes in the Sand

Artist’s Name: Ron Bates, Sharon Mackey, Diane Wayner

Medium Used: Acrylic

Sponsor: Diane Wayner & Doreen Bates

Artist’s Bio: All three are self-trained and just love art.

#22. Name of Artwork: Give Me Some Space

Artist’s Name: Cindy Cantini

Medium Used: Acrylic, beads, sand, plastic and wire.

Sponsor: Cindy Cantini & Abe Chaunce

Artist’s Bio: I am a science lover and have taught 5th grade science for 20 years. I am a stargazer and have only been painting for 6 months. I have two sons and love being a mom. Painting has become my new hobby and I know I will continue because I love it!

# 23. Name of Artwork: “OFF THE BUCKET LIST”

Artist’s Name: Brigid Deveney

Medium Used: Better outdoor paint, textured spray paint, shells,

Glitter, Protective sealer, used toy, Silicone, glass

Sponsor: 52 Independene St. FH, OH

Artist’s Bio: Living, Loving, Life. Been there done that sometimes twice. Too many stories to tell, if you have the time. Happy Day. Brigid “22”

#24. Name of Artwork: Fishy Sandy Castle

Artist’s Name: Donna Rosnau

Medium Used: Kinehc Sand, Crayola Model Magic

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Just a new resident waiting to do something fun.

#25. Name of Artwork: “Be a Sunflower.

Artist’s Name: Dave Nelson

Medium Used: Acrylic

Sponsor: Finnish Treasures Gift Shop-Laura Malkimaki

Artist’s Bio: 1976 graduate of Riverside High School. Owner/Operator of Nelsigns, free lance artist/sign painter whose work can be seen around Lake County

#26. Name of Artwork: In Memory of “Frenchie the Pirate”

Artist’s Name: Melanie Zavrl

Medium Used: Paint, glue, glitter and tulle

Sponsor: Fairport Harbor Historical Society

Artist’s Bio: Graduated FHS ‘71. Now a retired nurse and trustee at the Fairport Lighthouse. This is my fourth year to enter. I have pride and lots of love for my hometown

#27. Name of Artwork: Resting Beach Place

Artist’s Name: Linda Katila-Willett

Medium Used: Acrylics

Sponsor: Jennifer Ratdon of ValPack

Artist’s Bio: Proud Mother of two, Grandmother of two. My art skills are more than a little rusty. I enjoyed working on this though.

#28. Name of Artwork: Summer Auras

Artist’s Name: Sam Hixson

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint.

Sponsor: Fairport Creamery/Karen Volzer

Artist’s Bio: I am the graphic designer for Morse & co. I studied Fine art & graphic design in college which has influenced the way I paint. I enjoy creating pieces that are for the viewer to absorb the work as a whole rather the focusing on tiny details.

#29. Name of Artwork: Summer Wind

Artist’s Name: Judy Klotzbach

Medium Used: Acrylic

Sponsor: Painesville Furniture and Carpet

Artist’s Bio: I grew up in NE Ohio and have always enjoyed the waterways. The piece is inspired by the summer boat trips on the “Summer Wind” sailboat in Ohio and New York With family and dear friends.

#30. Name of Artwork: “Finnish Fortress”

Artist’s Name: Jane Hiltunen

Medium Used: Acrylic Metallic Paints, Craft gemstones, Sealed with

Karnak spray

Sponsor: Finnish Heritage Museum

Artist’s Bio: Prior to her retirementJane worked in various business positions. Her love of art was evident as a child but blossomed upon retirement. She now takes classes at Fairport Senior Center fom Connie Adams and art is part of her daily life.

#31 Name of Artwork: Harbor Castle

Artist’s Name: Deb Suba

Medium Used: Acrylic

Sponsor: Heidi Bodi

Artist’s Bio: Retired Art Teacher

#32. Name of Artwork: Castle on a Cloud

Artist’s Name: Josefina Duncan

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Josefina Duncan has bee drawing since pre-school and enjoys musical Theatre and akist akk oerrming arts. The piece was an unintentional “ Les Miserables” reference to the song, “Castle on a Cloud”.

#33. Name of Artwork: Relaxing Days and Nights

Artist’s Name: Katie Gibson

Medium Used: Acrylic

Sponsor: Pickle Bills

Artist’s Bio: Pickle Bill’s manager Katie is also a rabid artist in her free time. She uses this skill at work in the menu design, as well as, touching up the art in the building. Her passion for her work whether in the restaurant or art is undeniable.

#34. Name of Artwork: Thoughts of Old

Artist’s Name: Katie Gibson

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Katie is a lifelong artist who has lived in Fairport for two years . Her main focus is on acrylics and markers but also dabbles in digital art. Her hope is to one day make a career out of art.

#35. Name of Artwork: SandCatsle

Artist’s Name: Beth Lynne

Medium Used: Acrylic, gems, sand and rocks from Fairport Harbor


Sponsor: Anonomous

Artist’s Bio: Beth Lynne contributed her fourth Out of Water design this year. Her art studio and gallery are located at 225 High Street featuring her original paintings of landscapes, seascapes, animals, pet portraits as well as limited edition prints of her art and commissions. Beth is also an illustrator and mural artist and she designs and prints custom apparel and home decor at her art studio. Website:

# 36. Name of Artwork: Destination Fairport Harbor

Artist’s Name: Kathy Monnot and Karen Glatzhofer

Medium Used: Multi Medium: paper (maps) Mod podge,

Enamel Gross Sand Spray Paint

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Retired teachers who love to paint

#37. Name of Artwork: Luna Siren

Artist’s Name: Stephanie Urban

Medium Used: watercolor, acrylic, marker

Sponsor: Arlington Garden

Artist’s Bio: Stephanie Urban is an artist, jeweler, and reiki practitioner out of Lakewood, Ohio. she loves the water and often uses shell, wood; sand and sea glass from Lake Erie and many other East coast beaches.

#38. Name of Artwork: Dragons Lair- Beware

Artist’s Name: Cindy Cantini and No. Madison Elementary students,

Medium Used: Acrylic, tile, plastic and craft paper

Sponsor: Chris Pinta

Artist’s Bio: I’m a 5th grade teacher and a few of my students designed the castle. Jacob DeAmico drew the dragon. They wanted the castle to be a medieval theme.

#39. Name of Artwork: In memory of Jennifer Lynn

Artist’s Name: Jennifer Lynn

Medium Used: Paint and Photos

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Jennifer ducsayl Lyons grew up in Mentor, moved to Mississippi where she graduated from mississippi State University in 1999. Jenn and her family lived in Morgantown, WV. On 3/32/22 Jenn suffered an SAH Brain Aneurysm. She died 3/3/33 and her wish was to become an organ donor. She has saved or improved the lives of many. She is a true HERO!

#40. Name of Artwork: “Jellies Under the Sea”

Artist’s Name: Maddie Behrens

Medium Used: Acrylics

Sponsor: Marty O’Gara

Artist’s Bio: Just a girl who loves art!

#41. Name of Artwork: Fun & Friendship at the Beach/ Lighthouse


Artist’s Name: Stephanie Romig

Medium Used: Acrylics

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: I live in Painesville, amd house for 27 years. I am a self-taught artist and started painting about 30 years ago. I like to paint on old slate roof shingles. Check out “Steph’s Slates” on Facebook. I have been happily married for 30 years. Mom of 3 grown daughters.

#42. Name of Artwork: “Greetings from Fairport Harbor”

Artist’s Name: : Lauren Graves

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Christina Bacnik

Artist’s Bio: Laura is a resident of the Village. She enjoys walking & biking the town, bing a human and cat mom, hair stylist and wanna-be artist.

#43. Name of Artwork: I Do Believe in Fairies, I Do, I Do!

Artist’s Name: Mary Jo Stack

Medium Used: Multimedia

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Artist, Community Activist

#44. Name of Artwork: Nature’s Beauty Down by the Shore

Artist’s Name: Nancy Neal and Students of Unique Like Me

Medium Used: Acrylic Outdoor Paint

Sponsor: Nancy Neal & Unique Like Me

Artist’s Bio: Unique Like Me is a storefront vocational skills training sit for students of Lake County.

#45. Name of Artwork: Halloween at the Beach

Artist’s Name: Katie Johnston

Medium Used: Acrylics

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: I’m an artist that loves the dark side of life. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, so I wanted to share that with the beach.

#46. Name of Artwork: Beaches

Artist’s Name: Amanda Osburn

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Morse Van Lines

Artist’s Bio: Local artist born and raised.

#47. Name of Artwork: Dreams

Artist’s Name: Barbara Bouck

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint, joint compound for texture.

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Self-taught artist. Retired and lives in Painesville. Loves to make greeting cards. 35 years as a high school Special ed teacher in Wickliffe.

#48. Name of Artwork: Building a Story

Artist’s Name: FHPL Youth Dept.

Medium Used: Old Books, Acrylic, Paint, Sealant

Sponsor: NA

Artist’s Bio: Kassi and Kally are the youth librarians at Fairport Public Library. They hope to see you this summer.

#49. Name of Artwork: Home of the Free & The Brave

Artist’s Name: Rose Mary Caruso

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Christina Bacnik

Artist’s Bio: Art Teacher at both McKinley Elementary School & Harding High School. Rose is in her 22nd year of teaching art. She loves to work with glass as a specialty.

#50. Name of Artwork: Welcome to Paradise

Artist’s Name: Everett Howard & (Rose M. Caruso)

Medium Used: Glass, Grout, Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Christina Bacnik

Artist’s Bio: 18 years old Senior from Fairport Harbor. Born and raised here! In my free time I enjoy Music, art and spending time with my family.

#51. Name of Artwork: A Lovely Day on the Island

Artist’s Name: Morgan Braemer

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

Sponsor: Christina Bacnik

Artist’s Bio: My name is Morgan Braemer. I am a senior at Fairport Harding High School.. In the fall I will be attending Ohio Northern University for forensic biology. In high school I played volleyball, ran track, & played Clarinetin the school Band. I have loved drawing and painting since I was little. I am so glad I got the opportunity to paint this sandcastle.

#52. Name of Artwork: Mushroom Forest

Artist’s Name: Emily Luke

Medium Used: Paint

Sponsor: Christina Bacnik

Artist’s Bio: I’m a junior from Fairport Harding High.