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Glazed Fairport

Our family moved to Fairport Harbor just about 9 months ago now. We have enjoyed every minute of it, playing at the beach, eating at “the Pink Restaurant” (the Family Restaurant), the Pompadour, Rego’s, and Sunset Harbor, shopping at the Gravel Pit, getting our “hairs did” at Beachcombers, buying last minute things at Redi-go and Vlaskos, participating in the Memorial Day Bike Parade, seeing Fireworks at the “Grinch’s House” (lighthouse). We have fully integrated into being “Skippers”.

One thing that our family thinks should be a staple in “the harbor” though is baked goods. We are a breakfast and dessert family. And nothing is more delicious than some home made donuts, cinnamon rolls, and desserts. So before going all out and buying up some real estate, we wanted to make sure that fellow Skippers thought the same. So here is your chance to see if you LOVE our delicacy’s as much as we do!

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202 Third Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077


(440) 296-5041