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Hildegard Haus

Hildegard Haus

The Community of St. Hildegard is an inclusive Christian faith community based in the holistic charism of St. Hildegard of Bingen.  Liturgies and prayers services are presided over by ordained ministers, women and men from a variety of Christian denominations.  Our spiritual leader is an ordained minister through ARCWP and is a commissioned member of Federation of Christian Ministries.  We are an alternative and inclusive house of worship.  All are always welcome. 

The community of St. Hildegard  developed out of the Catholic tradition and many of its participants continue to identify with their Catholic roots, however, it is a non-canonical organization and therefore is not in any way affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.   We are an “alternative” Catholic community.  

Contact Info

Rev. Dr. Shanon Sterringer (pastor)

630 Plum St.
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077